Who we are and what we do at Blockprofit LTD

Established in 2008, Blockprofit LTD is registered with Australian Business Register, with ABN: 56 887 818 312 registration numbers. Also, under the regulation of Australian Securities and Investments Commission - ASIC.

Since inception of Blockprofit LTD, we have managed to create our own niche in the investment industry and established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. Providing our highly esteemed clients with top notch investment solutions that cater directly to their needs.

Blockprofit LTD Offers top-performing investment packages that are both flexible and accessible by everyone. With proven track global records and awards, investors can utilize BMH’s award-winning platform to benefit from opportunities in the global financial markets under a safe and regulated environment.

  • Transparency is Our watch word.
  • Highly regulated by ASIC.
  • Very seccured investment platform.
  • 24/7 Available Customer Support.

Our Mission

To create an profitable investment environment accessible to every investor at global scale.

Our Vision

To raise millions of financial professionals on a global Forex stage in a short possible time.

Our Experience

Our management team is made up of global class Investment professionals who are part of the best brands in the world too.

Blockfiprofit Registration Certificate

Your investment money more safe and secure

The investment company Blockfiprofit LTD is a financial institution principally engaged in holding, managing and investing securities. Our company invests in securities by pooling resources and funds from multiple investors. They invest on behalf of the investors and share the profit and losses with them in proportion to the investor's share of interest.

Blockfiprofit LTD employs experienced and qualified finance managers who can take clever financial decisions an ordinary investor cannot. Our investors enjoy easy access to a number of investment products without the effort of research and preparation. The company also helps our investors diversify their investment portfolio, as investing in a single asset class can be quite risky. Get registered today with Blockfiprofit LTD to have a first-hand professional investment experience.

Our client’s security is our top priority. All transactions are protected by high-level encryption. We are proud to be fully licensed and regulated by ASIC. Trade with trust on Blockfiprofit LTD. Trusted by millions of global investors as an independent operating investment Company, with great reputation. Our specialty of connecting Investment, digital currency, and ForEx has earned us a repute worldwide.

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